Sales channels

Sales Channels

  • Unite POS, brick & mortar, and social selling systems with your marketplaces and carts in the app
  • Link up-and-coming sales channels as they arrive to the market
  • Plug in home-grown, custom-made channels of your own
  • Visit our wiki on building a custom integration and get your hands dirty
Suppliers and 3PL Warehouses

Supplier Channels

  • Bring your suppliers into the loop for a comprehensive back-office view
  • Connect with your dropshippers for greater transparency
  • Instantly sync and monitor stock levels wherever, whenever with the click of an in-app button
  • Check out our wiki on supply-side set up to get started

3PL Warehouses

  • Integrate any 3PL warehouse to access inventory and shipping data
  • Keep tabs on inventory in a unique warehouse you use
  • Follow up on order statuses as your fulfillment centers relay information back to the app
  • To establish connection, take a look at our wiki on integrating 3PL systems
Custom apps


  • Build programs that harness multichannel ecommerce data
  • Create custom apps to meet individual merchants’ business needs
Don’t take our word for it

What developers have to say about the Ordoro API

“Integrating with Ordoro’s API was an obvious thing for us to do. Their APIs were incredibly easy to integrate with, and we are excited to offer QuickBooks connectivity to Ordoro’s multi-channel customers.”

Petru Marchidan,
Founder of Soft Cookies

“I’ve been really impressed with Ordoro inventory management and shipping software. Their integrated API and crazy simple user interface is making our lives at Mr. Davis so easy. Can’t recommend enough for small business retailers who handle fulfillment in-house.”

John McClain,
COO of Mr. Davis
Get Tinkering

Ready to start building? Crack open our API documentation or visit our developer forum.

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