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Streamline Your Ecommerce Operations

Our software helps growing merchants operate like large-scale corporations, but at a fraction of the cost. Optimize your fulfillment workflows with bulk shipping label creation, omnichannel inventory management, automated dropshipping, and more — all in one platform.

Ship, Sync, and Save

Ordoro is your one-stop app for shipping orders from each of your sales channels.

Shipping Carriers

Batch print labels in a couple clicks, select shipping carriers to get products from shelf to doorstep, and secure cost-effective USPS shipping rates with discounts of up to 67%. Once orders are on the way, we’ll push back tracking numbers to your storefronts and customers.

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Your HQ for Everything SKU

We act as a control center for all matters inventory.

inventory collage

Plug in each of your channels, create kits, assign UPC barcodes to SKUs, issue purchase orders when product’s getting low, and go about your business as Ordoro automatically tracks, syncs, and updates your inventory quantities with every fulfilled order.

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Dropshipping That Delivers

Dropshipping is about ease, and our app delivers on that.

Dropshipping lifecycle

Ordoro is equipped with multiple dropshipping methods — manually or automatically route dropship requests to your vendors, allow dropshippers to fulfill orders within the app themselves through our Vendor Portal, or effortlessly relay dropshipments their way through a custom API integration.

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Take the Work Out of Your Workflow
Shipping Rules UI

We embrace an auto-centric approach to operations. Whether you’re tackling shipping or inventory, Ordoro is packed with automated features that optimize your workflow. Printing shipping labels? Set up Shipping Presets and Automation Rules. Dropshipping? Auto-route your orders. Aligning product count across storefronts? Enjoy auto-sync.

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An App-Sized Data Warehouse
Analytics bar chart

As we collect your orders in one place, the same goes for business insights. Through our Advanced Analytics, Ordoro tracks and visualizes a multitude of data, from financial information like revenue and shipping costs to interesting insights like top-selling regions, products, and customers.

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Don’t take our word for it

Our awesome customers have shipped some really great compliments our way:

“I found Ordoro and it’s been by far the best answer to the worst problem that we’ve ever had. We instantly fell in love with the integration and the way it streamlined our whole fulfillment process. Early on, I had some questions and phoned in to tech support. They answered all of my questions and were super smart and helpful.”

Ben Kweller
Musician, Actor and Entrepreneur

“The user interface is super-clean, modern and easy to use. We can pick, pack and ship a package in under 2 minutes from the time we receive the order — pretty awesome!”

John McClain,
COO of Mr. Davis