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Sell through a customized, high-end Zoey storefront while optimizing your fulfillment workflow through Ordoro.



  • Ship your orders using major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, and DHL
  • Protect your wallet with negotiated rate discounts of up to 67% via USPS
  • Print shipping labels directly to your printer individually or in batches
  • Use our Automation Rules and Shipping Presets to speed up your workflow
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Sync your inventory throughout each of your channels to keep everything aligned
  • Arrange and save kits that bundle multiple products into a single order
  • Type up and send off purchase orders to suppliers within the app


  • Easily set up your dropshipping operation in a matter of imports and clicks
  • Choose to manually or automatically route orders to suppliers, even split orders to multiple ones
  • Turn on the Vendor Portal and allow your dropshippers to fulfill orders on their own with no routing needed
  • Judge your vendors, monitoring their performance as they deliver orders
Multi-Channel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • Whether it’s sales or fulfillment, Ordoro handles shipping and inventory for all channels in one place
  • As your business expands to add more channels, we’ll scale with alongside you
  • Our open API is your blueprint for building whatever integration — channel or app — you need
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Wade through all of the multichannel data from your business in a single dashboard
  • Split data by channel, date, or customer for a more focused scope
  • View your financials from every channel, whether it’s revenue, costs, profit, or a cost statement
  • Pull interesting insights on your performance, like top regions, customers, and products
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