Ordoro and USPS, Powered by Pitney Bowes


Please note that shipping hazardous materials through USPS is prohibited.

Order management and shipping label creation workflow in Ordoro

Ship at your own pace, all in one place

  • Manage shipping for each of your sales channels within the app
  • Grow your margins with discounted USPS shipping rates of up to 67%
  • Mix and match your carriers — Ordoro and USPS play nice with other shipping players, like FedEx, UPS, DHL and Canada Post
  • Print USPS shipping and return labels individually or in batch, domestically or internationally
  • Purchase postage and shipping insurance all online
  • Know each order’s status through delivery confirmation and tracking for packages
  • Sit back and relax as Ordoro auto-relays shipping info back to your sales channels
  • Analyze your shipping costs and performance with our Advanced Analytics
  • Oversee your shipping as you see fit, whether you’re fulfilling in-house or dropshipping
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Select a shipping method

  • First Class Mail — perfect for lightweight shipments, cost-effectively ship your shipments in three days or less
  • Priority Mail — get more bang for your buck and deliver orders within one to three business days
  • Priority Mail Express — USPS’ quickest service, rush your orders to the customer’s doorstep overnight
  • International options — access the carrier’s many global services and send your orders across the pond

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