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Stripe Relay


Ordoro focuses on managing orders across multiple channels, even those made through Stripe Relay’s mobile buy buttons.



  • Utilize popular shipping carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Canada Post for all your shipping needs
  • Cut down on your cost to ship my accessing our USPS shipping rates with discounts up to 67%
  • By large batches or on an individual basis, print out shipping labels in a couple clicks
  • Bring major efficiency to your workflow via our Automation Rules and Shipping Preset features
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Automatically track inventory levels and syc product quantities throughout every integrated sales channel
  • Tap our kitting feature that allows you to group multiple SKUs into a bundle for sale
  • When it’s time for a resupply, issue purchase orders to your suppliers through the app
  • Use our barcode scanning feature to ensure that every order is error-free


  • Get your dropshipping operation up and running quickly in a couple clicks
  • Personalize your workflow, choosing whether a dropshippable item should be automatically or manually routed to its vendor
  • Auto-split orders that contain a mix of both dropshipped and non-dropshipped SKUs
  • Activate a Vendor Portal allowing your suppliers to access and fulfill their dropshipments on their own
  • Track the fulfillment effectiveness of your vendors
Multi-Channel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • Hook up all of your channels to Ordoro, making it your command center for all order-related matters
  • Take it easy; both the app and pricing scale alongside you as you grow
  • Keep your back-end in the loop by integrating your suppliers, vendors, and 3PLs
  • Crack open our open API and get tinkering building any integration you need, whether it’s a homegrown webstore or a new app
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • View a whole host of multichannel data within a single dashboard
  • Segment your data by channel, date, or customer for a specific look
  • From a revenue and cost statement to revenue, profit, and expenses by channel, analyze your financials
  • Discover interesting insights, from top products and customers to most profitable states
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