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Take the Complexity out of Shipping

Pitney Bowes offers customized shipping solutions that give you the accuracy, precision, and confidence you need to cut costs and ship more efficiently. When combined with Ordoro, you unlock the tools needed to simplify all your shipping tasks and decisions.

Easily Connect Your Pitney Bowes Account to Ordoro

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Pitney Bowes Merchant Account
Connect your own negotiated Pitney Bowes shipping rates to Ordoro.
Pitney Bowes Standard Domestic Labels
Take advantage of lower rates when shipping domestically with Pitney Bowes Standard Delivery Service.
Pitney Bowes Presort
Access efficient and cost-effective delivery by bypassing USPS handling with Pitney Bowes Presort.
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Pitney Bowes Cross-Border Delivery Service
Simplify your international shipping with customized shipping solutions that identify lowest-effort and highest-yield opportunities.
  • Pitney Bowes Piece-Level Shipping
  • Pitney Bowes Standard Service
  • Bulk Pick-Up and Drop-Off via Pitney Bowes Standard
Start your cross-border journey today

Additional Benefits

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Shipping solutions tailor-made to your business

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Service built for ecommerce - 6 days per week delivery covering 150 million addresses

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A trusted partner with expert support every step of the way

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Comprehensive shipping data and business intelligence

Remove the Guesswork

Talk to a Product Expert to determine if our Pitney Bowes integration is the right fit for your business.