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  • Cut costs with shipping rate discounts of up to 67% through USPS
  • Select from an array of integrated shipping services, such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and Canada Post
  • Effortlessly print shipping labels individually or in batches
  • Utilize eBay global ship to send out international shipments
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Stay on top of your inventory and sync it across all channels
  • Unite each of your channels, sales or supplier, and get a holistic look at your business
  • Configure kits that automatically bundle multiple products into a single item for sale
  • Choose to keep eBay listings alive once quantity hits zero (GTC), and re-list products easily once stock arrives
  • Resupply channels at the push of a button


  • Protect your seller rating by measuring the performance of your dropshippers
  • Enjoy a hands-off approach and automatically route orders to suppliers
  • Delegate certain products to specific dropshippers
Multi-Channel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • Monitor and maintain your whole multichannel business in the app
  • Integrate any and all channels you please via our API
  • Scale up and sleep easy knowing we’ll scale alongside you
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Analyze the multichannel metrics of your entire business or by individual channel
  • Sift through customer-related data, like top customers and performance by region
  • Evaluate additional stats, including revenue and costs, popular products, and shipping efficiency
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What eBay customers have to say about Ordoro

“My experience with Ordoro has been nothing but fantastic. Previously, we would spend at least an hour a day inputting orders, getting shipping quotes, and printing labels. The same exact process (for more orders) now takes roughly two minutes. Additionally, the Ordoro team is has been great at providing customer service, generally responding to support emails within less than an hour, and always being super friendly and helpful.”

Pete Oxenham,
Owner of Fully Torqued Racing

“It makes shipping so easy... three/four clicks, and our little label printer just spits out nice easy labels. I have played a little bit with some of the others, but really found Ordoro easiest and smoothest. The support they have provided on the two occasions we have needed it, was first rate, fast, and very friendly. This is truly our one "must have" app.”

Ron Miskin,
Owner of The Buffalo Wool Company
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