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  • Track your shipping orders across all channels in one place
  • Take advantage of our integrations with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post
  • Secure rates with discounts of up to 67% through USPS
  • Configure your own shipping rules for awesome automation
  • Print shipping labels, whether individually or in batches, with no hassle
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Keep tabs on inventory levels in every channel in one place
  • Set up any and all of your warehouses for a unified inventory, including Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
  • Better plan for upcoming resupplies in each of your storefronts
  • Add, assign and send purchase orders to suppliers in a couple of clicks via our API
  • Create product kits that automatically bundle products with their components


  • Enjoy automated routing to your suppliers
  • Link batches of products with selected dropshippers for further flexibility
  • Monitor the fulfillment effectiveness of your suppliers to ensure proper performance
Multi-Channel Markets

Multichannel Markets

  • Manage the backend of all your marketplaces through a single app
  • Utilize our API to connect your non-traditional sales channels, like POS
  • Easily add new selling platforms as you expand and grow
  • Ensure your inventory quantities stay in-sync over all your channels
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Compare your revenue and costs by supplier and sales channels
  • Delve into insights on top performing products and customers by channel and region
  • Analyze your fulfillment efficiency and that of your supplier
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What Bigcommerce customers have to say about Ordoro

“These guys rock. The solution is well thought out, intuitive and clean. I have found a handful additional ideas of gaps or things we will need, and they actually listen. That points to the most important thing - phenomenal customer service. Instant response time and courteous people who know what they are talking about.”

Kyle McNamara,
Owner of Be Still Farms

“I have been using Ordoro with my Bigcommerce webstore for over a year now and it has proven to be a serious time saver! The app automatically handles my drop-ships, preloads labels for batch printing, updates inventory and tracking numbers back in my Bigcommerce store, and more... Thanks Ordoro!”

Duane Weikum,
Co-founder and CEO of EDC Knives
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